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3528 Flexible LED Strip

  • 3528 LED Strip Light, 60/M, 8MM Wide, 5M Reel
  • 3528 LED Strip Light, 60/M, 8MM Wide, 5M Reel
  • 3528 LED Strip Light, 60/M, 8MM Wide, 5M Reel
  • 3528 LED Strip Light, 60/M, 8MM Wide, 5M Reel
3528 LED Strip Light, 60/M, 8MM Wide, 5M Reel3528 LED Strip Light, 60/M, 8MM Wide, 5M Reel3528 LED Strip Light, 60/M, 8MM Wide, 5M Reel3528 LED Strip Light, 60/M, 8MM Wide, 5M Reel

3528 LED Strip Light, 60/M, 8MM Wide, 5M Reel

  • 3528 SMD LED
  • 60LEDs per Meter
  • 12V/24V Optional
  • 2 Years Warranty

Product Features

3528 LED Strip Light, 60/M, 8MM Wide, 5M Reel – This versatile SMD 3528 LED Strip is in 4.8W/M (1.6 Watts foot). It uses a 3528 LED Chip placed every 0.66”(16.6mm). This LED Strip has low Density Lighting with 60 didoes per meter or (18/ft). It is cuttable every 3 LED chips or 2”(50mm) for 12VDC and every 6 LED chips or 4”(100mm) for 24VDC. The pcb width of this led strip light is 8mm. It has a strong 3M adhesive tape backing on IP20 and IP65 strips that allows it to peal and stick to most surfaces. The 3528 LED tape will only achieve their maximum lifetime if install them in aluminum profile to dissipate heat, protect them from elements, and create desirable lighting effects.

● This is our most economical 3528 LED strip lights. It also uses less power than our other strips, so you save money on the strip, the power supplies and electricity.
Very popular and made with high quality components. Available in several shades of white, red, green, blue and yellow.
Use our top quality single-color flexible LED strip(strip lighting), Superflat LED rope or bars for accent lighting in coves, edge lit glass and a host of other applications.
Dimming them is easy and inexpensive with our extensive line of 12- and 24-volt dimming drivers. Our dimming drivers can create a fully scalable solution that our customers have used to create larger installations in retail stores, resorts, sports bars and other locations.
Or, choose a conventional non-dimming supply (driver) and enjoy state-of-the-art affordable LED accent lighting!

- 2-5 years Warranty
- Available in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White and Warm White Colors
- CE, RoHS Listed
- Fully Dimmable
- 120° Beam Angle
- Efficiency up to 90 lm/W
- Short LED pitch of 5/16" (8mm)
- Double density LEDs for high brightness output
- Thermally Resistant 3M adhesive for long lasting bond
- Single BIN LED selection to ensure color consistency
- Maximum Length in Series 32ft 10in (10 Meters)
- Highest quality components packaged 3528 SMD LEDs


Model No. Color Length (m) LED Q'ty LED Type Beam Angle (degrees) Voltage (V DC) Max Power Consumption (W/m)
EST-36-R20 Red 5 300 3528 120 12 4.8
EST-36-Y20 Yellow 5 300 3528 120 12 4.8
EST-36-B20 Blue 5 300 3528 120 12 4.8
EST-36-G20 Green 5 300 3528 120 12 4.8
EST-36-W20 White 5 300 3528 120 12 4.8
EST-36-WW20 WW 5 300 3528 120 12 4.8

External Dimensions

3528 LED Strip Light, 60/M, Dimension

Why Choose Elstar Flexible LED Strip

1. PCB board: Elstar use at least 2 ounces PCB board, some are 3 ounces and 4 ounces for better dissipation. They are 100% pure copper. Most of our PCB board are UL listed standard from the PCB producer of Hongqi Lighting and Founder Soonest Electronics.

2. LED Chip: Elstar mostly use Epistar brand LED chips. We can do other brand chips according to customer’s request, for example, Cree, Samsung, Philips, San’an, Honglitronic and Smalite LED chips. All of these LED chips are in high quality. We always focus on high quality.

3. Color Rendering Index: Elstar use at least Ra80 LED chips for our flexible LED strip lights. When we test by the integrating sphere machine, it usually shows Ra83 for most of our LED chips. We also use Ra90 and Ra95 LED chips for special projects. We can offer the test report for each batch of our LED strip light.

4. Uniformity: Elstar always keep the same bin color temperature for all our LED strip lights. It’s very important to all our customers.

5. Waterproof Rating: We can not only offer traditional IP65, IP67, IP68 waterproof process, but also new silicon extrusion process for IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68 waterproof ratings in dotless milk encapsulations. Most of our waterproof mold are private mode.

6. Engineer Team: Elstar have our own engineer team. Whatever flexible strip PCB or rigid strip PCB, our engineer team can draw greber file for customers in the first time. We welcome all OEM and ODM orders from all over the world.

Waterproof Details

3528 led strip

Installation Guide

1. Dry the position to be flat and smooth before putting on the 3528 LED light strips.

2. 3528 60LEDs/m LED tape can be cut only between soldering pads.

3. Solder wires for 60LEDs SMD 3528 LED strip on soldering pads (label +/-). The solder temperature may not exceed 350℃ for maximum duration of 2 seconds.

4. You can also connect strips by using 8mm LED strip connectors.

5. 3528 LED tapes are bendable. Minimum bend radius is 30 mm.

6. Flexible LED strips cannot be bent or twisted in the demonstrated directions.

7. Remove the adhesive tape from the back side of the LED tape.

8. Press the 3528 LED tape gently between electronic components to stick it to the surface. Avoid pressing the LED directly.

9. 3528 60/M LED tapes must be installed on aluminum (or material with similar thermal conduction) to avoid LEDs overheating and ensure proper heat dissipation. Measure TC temperature after 30 minutes of operation. TC temperature should not exceed 75℃.

10. Keep the flexible 3528 tape on the reel while applying it onto the surface. Remove the adhesive tape and apply the tape while unrolling the reel at the same time.

Packing Details

Carton Size (mm) Q'TY/Reel (M) Q'TY/CTN (reel) Gross Weight (kg) IP Grade
415*415*275 5 60 9 IP20
5 60 14 IP65
5 45 16 IP68

3528 LED Strip Light 60LEDs/M Packing Details