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SMD5050 60LEDs/m LED Flexible Strip
(High Output SMD5050 LED Flexible Strip)

Applications of SMD5050 60LEDs/m LED Flexible Strips:
1. Cove lighting
2. Architectural lights for canopy, corridor, window, archway
3. Backlight or edge lighting for signage
4. DIY lights for home use
5. Path and contour marking
6. Decorative lights for holiday, event, show, exhibition

Parameters of SMD5050 60LEDs/m LED Flexible Strip:


Model No. Color Length LED Q'ty LED Type Beam Angle Voltage Power
EST-S5050-12-60-R** Red 5m 300 SMD5050 120 12V DC 72W
EST-S5050-12-60-Y** Yellow 5m 300 SMD5050 120 12V DC 72W
EST-S5050-12-60-B** Blue 5m 300 SMD5050 120 12V DC 72W
EST-S5050-12-60-G** Green 5m 300 SMD5050 120 12V DC 72W
EST-S5050-12-60-W** White 5m 300 SMD5050 120 12V DC 72W
EST-S5050-12-60-WW** WW 5m 300 SMD5050 120 12V DC 72W

Note: ** stand for IP grade, such as 20, 65, 68.


Installation Information
1. There are designated solder pads (marked"+/-") for solder connection. Note that the maximum soldering time is 10 seconds and the highest soldering temperature is 260 degrees.
2. The smallest unit of our SMD5050 LED flexible strip is composed of 3 LEDs. Each unit can be removed by cutting between the designated solder pads.
3. A simpler installation is guaranteed by applying double-sided adhesive tape on the back-surface of the strip.
Notes for applying double-sided adhesive tapes:
(1) Make sure the back-surface of SMD5050 LED flexible strip is clean and dry, thus to guarantee better adhesive effect.
(2) Suitable pressure is needed after flexible strip is positioned. But note that the LED flexible strip itself and all its components may not be mechnically stressed.
(3) The minimum bending radius of our SMD LED flexible strip is 2cm. Smaller bending radium is also possible only if the circuit board containing no electronic components. It would be better to position the LED flexibel strip after bending to avoid cyclic fatigue.
(4) Make sure the adhesive backing is removed completely.


Safety and Maintenance Information
1. SMD LED flexible strip itself and all its components may not be mechanically stressed.
2. Don't damage or destory conducting paths on the circuit board while installation.
3. To guarantee safety, only qualified personnel are allowed to install LED strips.
4. Make sure SMD flexible strips are mounted to correct electrical polarity.
5. Parallel connection is highly recommended for its high safety. Serial connection is not recommended because unbalanced voltage drop may damage SMD LED flexible strips.
6. Insufficient and unstable power supply may cause flexible strip damage.
7. Don't install SMD LED flexible strips directly on metallic or any other conductive surfaces.
8. Pay attention to standard ESD precautions when installing our LED strip lihgts.


(1) Material corrosion will not be considered as material defect. It's in user's responsibility to provide suitable protection against material corrosion, including protection measures against moisture and condensation, etc.
(2) Connectors are necessary if you want to connect the cut sections together or connect a section to power.


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