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Environmental responsibility is becoming increasingly important. Choices in the lighting industy have made it difficult to feel good about what products to use: choose inefficient incandescent bulbs, or fluorescents that contain mercury. Fortunately, today there is another choice- LED lighting, which is safe, environmentally friendly, and contains no toxic mercury. Elstar Limited, established in 2009, is an experienced LED products manufacturer, specializing in producing LED bulbs, LED wall washers, LED flood lights, LED high bay lights, rigid strip, waterproof flexible strips, etc. Headquartered in Shenzhen City, China, our company covers an area of 5000 square meters, with a staff of 150 people. At Elstar, we are committed to increasing use of LEDs in general lighting applications, thus helping customers to realize lower costs, while at the same time creating a safe environmental solution.

We provide a wide range of LED products. Some of our popular products include LED fluorescent tube, LED bulbs, linear super slim cabinet lights, LED pool lights, LED wall washers, LED downlights and wall lights, waterproof flexible strips and rigid strips, LED track lights, and so on. These products are widely used as low-energy indicators and also as replacements for traditional light sources in residential and commercial lighting, automotive lighting, decorative lighting, and even traffic signals. Our products are CE certified and RoHS safety compliant, with a savings of 50%-80% of the energy used by conventional incandescent lights. Our emphasis on quality, long bulb life, ease of use, and low maintenance, has created a demand for our LED products all over the world, including America, Canada, France, Britain, Middle East, Australia, just to name a few.

Quality Control
As a quality-driven company, we are focused on providing the highest quality LED products to all of our customers. At Elstar, every step throughout the entire production process is strictly monitored, from raw material acquisitions, to final inspections. We require suppliers to provide materials declarations to indicate compliance, and utilize related testing instruments to check parts supplied to our company. Additionally, we have acquired the most advanced equipment available to produce our LED fluorescent tubes and LED bulbs etc., including reflow soldering, wave soldering, and SMT machines.

Customer Service
In order to meet the needs of our expanding markets, we continually work to increase our production capacity. Our annual production of LED strip products is 5,000,000 meters, and for LED lamps is 700,000 units, which enables us to deliver products to our customers promptly. Our LED products come with a guaranty (1-5 years) and related fittings, so you can use them with ease and confidence.
We at Elstar will continue to improve the quality and reliability of our LED products, and focus on the development and production of even brighter and more technically-advanced, solid-state lighting technology.

Mission Statement

Welcome to the Elstar site. From the founding time 2009, we have been dedicated to making excellent products to esteemed customers. From the design to finishing process, we aim to the perfection to the products themselves. We take time to listen to our customers and enjoy hearing your feedback on our products. We always believe besides the product quality, service is the most important, as the most clients are tens of thousands of miles away, they need more time to react before they see the products.

We hope you enjoy browsing our newly updated website. We are looking forward to serving you.
Our mission is to listen to you, help answer your questions and create the products you need.

As we have done in the past years, we promise:
To be honest to tell customers if we are not design or produce the requested item;
To react to the customers' requirements and inquires 24 working hours;
Never disclose your name or design to another customer or company without your permission;
Never sell your custom products to other customers before you permit;
And finally, to take care of you to the best of our ability, if there is a problem;

Welcome to Elstar.

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